6 Things I Love About Lincoln

My cousin, Kylie, who is also one of my best friends in the entire world, was supposed to come visit me in Lincoln this weekend. Because of the crappy weather and white-out conditions between Ames, Iowa, and Lincoln, Neb., we decided to postpone the visit until it would be safer for her to venture along I-80.

After we decided that via phone, I was pretty bummed out. I love Lincoln, and I wanted to share all the amazing things with Kylie. She has never been to Lincoln, a city easily overlooked when only a short hour from Omaha.

I started thinking about all the things I love about Lincoln, the things I want to share with Kylie.

First, I love the Sunken Gardens on Capitol Parkway and 27th Street. ((http://www.lincolnparks.org/projects/sunken_gardens.htm)) I absolutely love biking there when the weather is nice and just taking a deep breath. At the intersection of two busy roads, it’s an oasis of peace for me. I take a notebook and a pen and my camera and just sit by the coi ponds, watching the people who walk by. I remember one couple, in their sixties, sitting on a bench, smiling softly in the evening light. His arm was around her shoulders, and the way she smiled at him told me just how in love they are. Oh, it made my heart ache for something like that, just a sliver of that love. That’s what the Sunken Gardens are to me: pure, untarnished peace, love and joy in every molecule of my body.

Although I only went there once, I love the capital building. My roommate calls it the great phallic symbol of Nebraska. Someone else once called it a striking contrast from the flat Nebraska landscape. When I got to go up the old, creepy elevator and look out over Lincoln and pick out every building on the UNL campus, I called it just plain cool.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a wonderful place to go to school. Any time of year, I love being a part of that community. When it’s warm out, I can sit by the fountain for hours, reading and sticking my toes in the water. The sculpture garden is wonderful to sit and eat lunch, and Morrill Hall is great to look at all sorts of dead things. No, I don’t know what I’m looking at most of the time, but it’s still fun to go look at all the elephant remains.

The Coffee House. Coffee, free internet, walking distance from campus, open till midnight… what else is there to say?

A Novel Idea Bookstore. The best used book store in Lincoln, in my humble opinion. Partly because the store is occupied by two cats. The whole main floor is fiction books, and the basement is non-fiction. Floor to ceiling bookshelves in perfect organization… I love it!

Holmes Lake. Very pretty, very fun to walk around. Actually,  all of the amazing parks and bike trails, including the one that goes almost directly from my house to campus, make Lincoln a wonderful place to live. 🙂

I think I could go on and on and on, but this is a good sampling of things I love about Lincoln. I am so glad I came here for college. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t explore colleges enough before choosing UNL, but my experiences in Lincoln could never be replaced.



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