Starting Again

Somewhere among preparing for high school graduation, actual graduation, moving to college, completing my first year and completing the first half of my second year, I forgot all about this blog.

For that, I am almost sorry.

However, the start of the new year has brought the desire to try blogging for real. I have several friends and one sister who keep regular blogs, and I have thought lately that it might be something I should try, if just for a short time.

With that, I present my goals for the spring semester of 2010.

1. Blog. Write in this blog at least once a week. Post pictures, links, etc. to supplement what I write about, and try to develop some type of non-randomness to what I write about.

2. Excercise. As a stereotypical American: Work out! Yes, this is actually a goal of mine, and I feel terribly unoriginal even thinking it. I want excercise to be a stable part of my life. I don’t want to lose XX pounds or be able to run XX distance in XX amount of time. I just want to reinstate activity into my life.

3. Study. For real. And not just the night before a test.

4. Sleep. Don’t rely so much on coffee and Dr. Pepper to get me through the day.

5. Spirit. As a recent conversation with a close friend revealed, I have no effing clue where I stand on many spiritual issues. I want to connect and feel more confident in my (wacky) belief system.

I hope everyone who reads this will continue to follow my five months of blogging, exercising, studying, sleeping and spiriting. You should know I would love any comments and/or encouragement!




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