Guilty Pleasures

I am vaguely embarrassed to say I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

So as I sit here on my couch, squealing when Jake kisses Ali, I can’t believe how into the show I get every season. It’s like a drug; even though I’m utterly disgusted by the way one guy dates fifteen girls at once, I can’t possibly turn off the TV.

Thankfully, today I can blame my desire for crappy TV on a stressful start to the semester. I wish all first days were wonderful and fabulous and easy, but at this point, all I hope for is a better tomorrow.

One class today gave me a nice big headache and a huge problem with no easy or quick fix.

(Kelley’s insert: we are totally watching the Bachelor right now! We are both particularly disgusted with some of the characters on this show, especially Michelle, and yet we are still watching it. wooo! A commercial was just on about some chick and some soldier who fell in love over a short time and now they must be apart only writing letters. It reminds me so much of Tyler, even though i get to speak with him often, I can hardly help but feel a hard aching hollowness in my heart whenever I imagine how much longer we are apart. A year is a long time. Every time we meet and then part again at some point we lay down and cry together entwined in each other’s arms. I look into his eyes and see my reflection and I now he is seeing me. Me. I don’t even see me most of the time. God, do I love him.)

And back to me: I learned during my first advanced reporting class that I can’t complete the course because I don’t know how the hell to use a video camera. I’m taking the class that teaches me videography this semester. Without that prior knowledge, there is no way I can complete my reporting class.

Long story short: good-bye reporting, hello native american literature!

I guess my point is that nothing turns out like I planned. I learned this last semester with money, and now I get to learn it all over again with classes. My new class is useful as I work toward graduation, but it also puts me a class back in the journalism sequence. And although I was really looking forward to my reporting class, this is a class I had considered taking a few months ago.

Going with the flow has never been my strong point, but I don’t feel as freaked out by this as normal. I hope this is a sign I am growing as a person or something, but I’m thinking it might just be a fluke of nature.

As I surround myself with The Bachelor, I hope someday I can deal with stress without artificial means like The Bachelor and large pints of ice cream. But for now, I’m thankful I have the chance to ease my way back into the hustle, bustle and insanity of college life.


megan 🙂


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