Sitting in Panera

From my seat in Panera, I can spy on the people across from me. I can listen to the strategically soothing music on the speakers. I can hear the buzz of conversations, and the clicking of plates and silverware as the staff prepares food.

From my seat in Panera, I drink my caramel latte with the deep pleasure of someone with way too much reading to do and not enough time to do it. I can throw away my resolve to decrease my caffeine intake and just enjoy the smooth liquid slipping down my throat. I can watch other students dutifully do their homework while I stare blankly at my huge anthology of Native American Literature. Yes, it’s interesting. Yes, I care. Just not right now.

Thankfully, when I tear myself away from the coziness of my bedroom, I actually do get some homework done. So, I came here tonight determined to get some reading done before another busy day tomorrow. If this is a sign of the rest of the semester, I’m not sure the next four months will be anything but insane.

I will persevere. I will conquer. I will complete. Tonight I will start reading for Modern East Asia. I will start studying microeconomics. I will begin reading a book about the Alamo. Why did I ever think this whole college thing was a good idea? Why did I ever want to be a scholar?

Oh, yes, that’s right. The alternative, that is, working at Maurices for the next 50 years, is less than ideal.

With that, I wish good luck to everyone out there working on homework, reading long texts, staying up unnecessarily late, or contemplating living in a box on O Street.

If you are considering the last, you might just see me there, probably just coming out of A Novel Idea, carrying a box to sleep in and dragging Oedipus behind me on a leash. However, he would probably hate that enough to run away forever.


megan 🙂


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