Pain in the Abs

My stomach aches with that lovely pain that inevitably follows a good ab workout.

Being more active, I have learned, is difficult. If I want to lose weight, I can cut down on sweets and replace them with more fruits and vegetables. If I want to feel better, I can drink more water and stretch a little before heading to bed.

But “being more active” is something that I am not in the habit of picking up whenever I want to make a small change.

Since my first post with my five goals (Blog, Study, Sleep, Excercise, Spirit), I have worked out exactly three times. Two of which were today. Tonight was the first equestrian team practice of the semester (more about that later), and my legs were literally shaking during most of the hour and a half workout.

The other workouts were a Pilates video I purchased from Half Priced Books over Christmas. Even though I barely sweat during the 30 minute routine, I am suddenly aware of how sadly out of shape I am. And that I have muscles deep in my core that haven’t been stimulated for many months.

Despite any complaining I might (read: will) do after working out, I still get a lot of pride from knowing that I accomplished something physical, and tomorrow I will still know it. I’ve never been a jock, especially considering I have the hand-eye coordination of a cat wearing oven mitts. But there is no doubt in my mind that I will brag about my sore stomach tomorrow to my friends.

Case in point: earlier this year my friend Sam and I continually compared bruises on the insides of our knees after eq team practices. We laughed about how we were proud of our war scars. Now that my legs have become strong enough and my boots are broken in enough that I don’t feel like screaming every time I sit my sorry butt into a hunt seat saddle.

Maybe there is a jock deep inside all of us. Maybe each of us, in our own way, are truly thrilled to have sore arms or legs or abs because it means we did something. Even if it’s not meaningful to society, that activity is meaningful to us. And that is why I am so happy to be getting active again. If not to anyone else, it’s certainly meaningful to me.




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