Missing Photography

Ever since I got my digital camera as a high school graduation present, I feel like I just can’t take enough pictures. Pictures of animals, pictures of trees, pictures of flowers. Anything that I can capture in my lense is going in there. It’s not an extremely consistent hobby, but over last summer I took hundreds of pictures while at my internship at the Hooved Animal Humane Society in Woodstock, Ill. Horses grazing, standing, running, eating, looking, laying down. Pictures of the farm, the landscape, the birds, the goats, the barns, the fences, the grass. It was a buffet of subjects for my camera.

Once I came back, I started my job as the PR/Web site officer of the UNL Equestrian Team, a pure joy for someone with my career in mind. I got to peer pressure all of my friends into posing with the horses at shows, taking goofy pictures while we waited for classes, and basically just piss everyone off. 🙂

Then I discovered I lost my camera charger. Oh, how sad I was! I looked and looked, but no matter what, I didn’t find it. I still won’t be surprised it if shows up in some tiny corner of my room when I move out. Finally, last weekend, I decided enough was enough, and I went to the wonderful Amazon and found a new one. My checkbook $40 lighter, I impatiently waited for it to arrive. I had been trying to conserve battery life for weeks, hoping my old one would show up, so I had only taken a couple pictures. It practically killed me.

Yesterday when I got home, I was thrilled to see the small brown box sitting on our porch. Yes!

It wasn’t until my battery was fully charged and I started thinking about a picture expedition that I realized how much I missed taking pictures. Even if I’m just snapping a shot of Oedipus laying on my bed, or posing with a friend before we go out, or I just want to try to capture a pretty sunset, my camera is like a second limb to me now. I don’t know that I should ever try to go so long without taking pictures. Over the next few days, especially with a three-day weekend, expect to see a few postings with new pictures as I try to rediscover how to take pictures after a long hiatus.

If you are interested in seeing some truly awesome pictures (in my humble and unprofessional opinion) check out these Web sites:

Equine Photography by Darlene Wohlart

Equine Photographers Network

Photos by Maggie (TB Racing)

Donna Kilday


megan 🙂


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