Yellow Ribbons

I should like getting yellow ribbons at horses shows. They are nice, pretty even. Now they hang from my curtain rod, a row of color symbolizing this year on the UNL Equestrian Team. Yellow, white, yellow, red, pink, yellow. Third, fourth, third, second, fifth, third.

Third isn’t bad. Third is better than sixth. Third is a place, some points.

Third isn’t first. Yellow isn’t blue.

And man, do I really want a blue ribbon. Blues mean lots of points and getting to boast my name on the Web site and people looking at me like I matter. Even reds are better. Reds mean I was close, so close, but maybe I had a bad horse or didn’t transition smoothly.

By the time they get to yellow, I’m mediocre. Nobody really cares about yellows. They blend in with the whites and pinks and greens.

And seriously, I have a lot of yellow ribbons.

Feeling sincerely down,



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