Leaving Lincoln

For the past three and a half years, I’ve called Lincoln home. Whenever I leave, I anxiously anticipate the time I’ll come back to this amazing place.

When high school ended, I had no idea why I decided to come to Nebraska. I left Iowa, land of green rolling hills, for Nebraska, land of flat brownness. While I’m thrilled to be attached to this city, I’ll be sad to leave too.

At the end, the small things become my favorite. I’ve been staring at the snow spread around campus, and I realized I’m going to miss the bitter cold, the ice, the snow banks. I’m going to miss traipsing through three feet of snow to get to my car. I’m going to miss the way the snow rests on the tree branches like a storybook picture.

Most of all, I’m going to miss all the wonderful people I’ve met here. Every professor, student, downtown employee, teammate… they’ve all helped shape me into the person I am now. To be honest, that’s a very different person than I was three and a half years ago.

I’m not done questioning, learning, thinking and growing, but now I’m in a place where I feel… accomplished. I’m proud of what I’ve done, and I’m excited about where I might go next.

I hold no promises for this blog. Maybe I’ll keep writing in it, maybe I won’t. I would like to think that somewhere, these posts help people. I would like to think that somewhere in all of these odd ramblings will be a gem to brighten someone’s day. If that happens, I would love to hear about it. Until then, I will keep this blog as a symbol of my growth. As I look over the old posts, I see how funny some of them are, and not always in a good way. Although I’m tempted to delete them, they are part of this blog. They are part of what makes me, me.

Best wishes in this snowy, cold, miserable season that’s full of so much magic I can barely stand it,

Megan, unedited


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