Hello, Amarillo

I am now settling in Amarillo, and so starts a new chapter in the life of this blog. One of my New Year’s Resolutions (I know I’m a little early), is to revive this with new posts about my temporary time in Amarillo, Texas. To keep a sense of separation between work and play, I don’t intend to write much about my internship experience or specifics about my job. Instead, I hope to focus on my experiences in getting to know this new city from now through sometime in May.

On Monday my sister’s and I drove south from Nebraska, crossed Kansas and Oklahoma, and ended up in the early evening hours. The drive was very long, and the farther south we drove the more snow we saw. However, I’m pleased to say that so far in Amarillo I haven’t needed more than a light jacket or sweater. I can live with that. We moved all my stuff into the bedroom I’m renting from a coworker-to-be and went out to eat at Jorge’s Taco Garcia on Ross Street. It was pretty good Tex Mex, and every dish I sampled around our table was delicious.

I had forgotten how much of the Texas culture revolves around food. It’s not only a matter of where you go, but a careful consideration of price, location, food, drinks, sides and atmosphere. Food in Texas is a way of life. It is the heart of the day.


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