The Book List

All the books I own or had borrowed when I arrived in Amarillo that I hadn't read yet.

Please note that this post is a working list. Therefore, I will continue to add to it during the next few months as I finish these books (see photo!)

One of my goals for my time in Amarillo, roughly sketched out as January through May, was to read all the books I own that I haven’t read yet, including any borrowed titles. To be fair, soon after arriving, I used a lovely Christmas present to buy a new novel, but I just added it onto the list. Here is the list of books I read, roughly in order, with a short synopsis and my brief comments:

Over Her Dead Body by Katie White: A crime drama about a New York City journalist who covers celebrity crime for a tabloid magazine. Her boss is killed, and the MC uses her reporting skills to solve the murder. The plot was good, and I didn’t mind the characters. I applaud the author for using some great vocabulary throughout. However, the dialogue sounded too formal to me, and the plot moved a bit slowly for my taste. My opinion: If you get it for free somewhere like the library or a friend, go ahead and read it, but it’s not one I’ll ever reread.

Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Meyer: I’ve technically read this book once before, but I bought it when I got to Amarillo with a gift card. It’s the story of an amusement park in southern Ohio that is actually a prison for five demons. The story follows the Guardia, a group of people called to protect the world, as the demons try to escape their prison in a sinister plot on Halloween. My opinion: read it. Then, read everything Jennifer Crusie ever wrote. The writing is funny and clever, the characters are sharp, and each one is distinct in his or her own way.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave: Oh my goodness, what can I say about this book? My sister lent it to me with no detailed explanation, and I am leaning toward the opinion that this is best. The two main characters meet for only a few minutes. Two years later, their worlds collide once more. It’s the story of love, of pain, of joy. It delves into questions of identity, questions of loyalty. It asks the characters if they will do what is right, but then questions what is right. My opinion: Read it. Then call me and we can talk about it. Borrow it from a friend, from the library or just buy it. But read it. It’s not an overly difficult read in terms of vocabulary or complexity. It has these amazing witty phrases that made me laugh out loud. However, there were several times I set it down and worked on a puzzle or watched reality TV because of the depth and heaviness of the content. But READ IT!

Insatiable by Meg Cabot: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I like Meg Cabot’s adult fiction a lot, but her teenage fiction only a little. Insatiable falls in the former category, and I enjoyed the characters quite a bit. The plot developed nicely. It was relatively predictable with enough twists (including the ending!) to keep me interested. The entire story was based on super-natural elements, which Cabot explored in some of her teenage books. This is a vampire book (yes, another one), but I liked that she acknowledged many times over that vampires are taking over mainstream entertainment media. There are references to Twilight and Tru Blood, all of which made me giggle. She also addresses many of the logistical reasons why, if you found out your boyfriend was a vampire, you would not find it hot/sexy/good/interesting/intriguing. I’m planning on starting the sequel, Overbite, soon. **Overbite isn’t on my official list–I got it from the library–but stayed tuned for an update anyway.** My opinion: eh, read it or not. It wouldn’t have killed me to NOT read this one, but I found it entertaining, relatively light with some good dark undertones. I liked it enough to read the sequel.

Overbite by Meg Cabot: It was expected. There isn’t much else to say except it followed the first book, the plot was expected, the bad guys were expected and the ending was expected. I don’t mean it was boring; no, I always enjoy a good conspiracy within the ranks of a secret organization and a happy ending. My opinion: eh. If you read the first one, go ahead and read it because it ties up a lot of loose ends and I was relatively satisfied with the ending. However, I would definitely get both of these from the library or a friend.


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