So I Had a Bad Day

Today sucked.

Sorry, but that’s just the truth. It happens, just like it sometimes happens that you blow dry your hair and it turns into a hot mess instead of a sleek bob.

Why, you might be asking, was today less-than stellar?

Oh, lots of reasons. I forgot my lunch at home, almost hit another car while merging onto the interstate, ran out of coffee before running out of sleepiness and hit a terrible spot on Pandora that was not at all conducive to convincing me to edit content for the web. No, it was better suited for me wanting to throw my computer against the wall and go get some ice cream instead.

Knowing me, you already know I did not throw things. I did not get ice cream. I quietly simmered through the day, then left promptly at 5 p.m.–okay, 4:57–and called my sister to vent.

And she knew just what to say.

So I had a bad day. And now it’s over.


2 thoughts on “So I Had a Bad Day

  1. I love you!
    And i’m sorry you had a bad day.
    But thank you for posting this; it helps a lot. I’ve had a string of bad days in a row…I hope tomorrow is a good day for both of us.

  2. Bless your little heart. Next time you have one of those days, come find me and we’ll take a field trip … be it at noon or after work. You’re never alone. Ever.

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