Adventures in New Mexico

Yesterday, I went to New Mexico. I’ve never been there before, and I wanted to get a short day trip in before I leave the great state of Texas.

Ute Lake, New Mexico

The closest New Mexico landmark to Amarillo is Ute Lake by Logan. It is  a 90 minute drive, and seemed like the perfect destination. However, the drive itself was flat and relatively boring.

My gas tank was nearing the red line, so I pulled into a gas station and soon found out that it doubled as an Indian cuisine restaurant. Yummy? If it weren’t for the incessant buzzing sound in the restroom, I would have described it as a charming place.

A few miles farther the highway started dipping and curving. We crossed the Canadian River and ended up in one of the smallest towns I’ve ever visited, my parents’ town excluded.

Logan, New Mexico has several churches and a couple restaurants, but not much else. We ate a very yummy lunch at Annex Bar and Grill. Their burgers are amazing and the service was great.

After lunch, we stopped by a tiny antique shop and poked around. It had a crazy collection of everything imaginable.

The drive from town to the Lake, maybe a mile or two, was flat and open. Unfortunately, it made me think that the speed limit was higher. Fortunately, the New Mexico cop who pulled me over took pity on this poor Iowa girl and just gave me a warning.

Ute Lake is formed as a result of a dam on the Canadian River. It’s not a nice gentle lake. The edges are ragged and filled with cliffs and boulders. It was fun to climb around on the rocks and feel like I might fall off the edge and plummet into the water.

Driving down by a boat ramp and beach, a flock of seagulls and ducks started rushing us, assuming we would have food for them. In high school I watched a scene from The Birds in a class, and until I was assailed by the quacking and squawking of a dozen or so birds I hadn’t thought twice about that movie. Certainly I hadn’t considered the possibility of dodging and diving and running from birds as a potential scenario in my life.

Needless to say, New Mexico hold little charm in my mind. It was nice to see, nice to cross off my list, nice to leave.


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