Because I’m Sick of Moving a Million Boxes

As we all know from my moving resume, I’ve done it a lot over the past few years. One would think I would be craving to buy a house and settle into one place for the next 50 years, but that’s not true. With each move, I’ve learned something new about myself and the world around me. Not to mention the wonderful friendships I’ve developed along the way.

As I plan the next move, the one that will take me half way across the county to start a new adventure (one that I hope will last a couple years instead of a couple months), I have a new and wonderful goal: I want to fit everything I own into my car. Anything that doesn’t fit will be sacrificed for the greater good (aka: family, friends or Goodwill).

To put this in context, I drive a 2003 Buick Century with a flower bumper sticker because it’s beige and without the sticker I lose it in parking lots. It’s not a giant vehicle, but it’s not a tiny thing either.

Second, I will be accompanied by my mother and her carry-on sized suitcase and possibly one cat. He might be traveling out the next week with a generous and lovely cousin who is coming to visit.

Finally, I’m taking exactly one piece of furniture: a nightstand I purposefully chose a couple months ago because I love it. It wasn’t a hand-me-down, it wasn’t a completely utilitarian purchase. It was bought because I adore it, and I needed it. It fits in my trunk or the back seat.

Why, you might ask, would I leave behind my other furniture, my TV (yes, I’m getting rid of my [big, bulky, heavy] TV) and who knows what else?

Because I can. Because I’m sick of carrying boxes up and down stairs. Because once I get to Virginia, I will need to start buying furniture. Because this might be my last chance to fit everything I own in one car. Because if I don’t do it now, when will I? Because the idea thrills me. Because it will be a challenge. Because I’ve never done it before.

Because for the price of a U-Haul, I could replace my futon and TV and buy everyone I know in Virginia (exactly 8 people if I’m counting correctly) a sushi dinner. Because anything that doesn’t fit will need to be shipped or left behind in storage, and why would I own things that are half-way across the country? What’s the point of owning things I can’t use and enjoy?

But mostly for those first reasons.

The challenge begins.


6 thoughts on “Because I’m Sick of Moving a Million Boxes

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  3. Hi Megan hey brave girl there ! Sarah told me about you moving already again! Best of luck to you. I’ll be in touch again soon. Love to you Aunt Alice

  4. Hi Megan not sure i”m doing this right but hope you get this. Good for you on the new job.I hope I can come see you sometime there. Best wishes ! love to you Aunt Alice

    • Alice, it’s great to hear from you! I would love for you to come visit, and you are welcome any time! Love you! Megan:)

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