The Great Move of 2012: Part 1

Everything I own fits into my car.

Beautiful clouds in Illinois

Now what?

Drive to Ohio, silly!

Today marked the first day of the Great Move of 2012. Or it could be the fourth day, depending on how you look at it. If you count the first part where I drove from Amarillo to Iowa, this is day four.

We (Mom and I) left Tiny Town, Iowa, this morning at 6:30. After a quick stop in Des Moines for a chiropractor appointment for Mom, we continued driving.

And driving.

And driving.

We crossed Iowa, Illinois and Indiana and stopped in Ohio for the night. After 12 hours on the road, it was time for a break. Plus, I had made a reservation at a lovely hotel that is pet friendly.

Things I learned today:

  1. Mom thinks the Buddha Frog is creepy.
  2. Three very long car trips in only a few weeks is too much for Oedipus. He thinks he’s dying.
  3. Illinois is exactly like Amarillo. Only with hills, trees and snow.
  4. After a long day in the car, a hotel with really soft pillows and a pool to soak your feet is the best thing ever.

Tomorrow: Ohio to Virginia! Stay tuned for another update in a day or two!


8 thoughts on “The Great Move of 2012: Part 1

    • We actually drove right through Columbus! Argh! I wish I would have seen this last night:( It would have been great to see you!!!

  1. Maybe the kitty is mad because the spooky budda frog is sitting on his crate all the day long.

    And is this day 4 of the big move of 2012 or move 4 of 2012. I have lost count of all this.

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