The Great Move of 2012: Part 2 (Meet Virginia)

Hello, Virginia. Why aren’t you closer to Iowa?

Meet Virginia

Day two of driving started in Ohio and crossed the Appalachian Mountains. (Confused? See Day One. Still confused? I’m moving again.) We crossed the very northern tip of West Virginia and passed a bunch of tiny little towns that reminded me of the town in The Goonies. We also drove through two tunnels in the mountains. Mom loved them; I did not.

Pennsylvania was simply lovely. The big sweeping valleys made me want to buy a tiny little farm and a cow.

Speaking of cows, I tried to teach Mom the My Cows! game, but she didn’t get into it too much. To play the game, whenever sees cows (or horses, pigs, hay, trees, dogs…) the first person to see it says, “My cows!” (or “My horses!” “My grass!”… you get the idea). Then, if someone sees a cemetery, you say, “Megan’s cows died!” The point of the game is to collect as many cows as possible. Really, try it sometime. It’s a ton of fun!

After a sporadic My Cows!, we left Pennsylvania with the confidence that the end was in sight.

Indeed, a short jaunt along the Potomac River in Maryland and a quick trip across another edge of West Virginia left us more than ready to stop in Virginia.

Mom and I both feel pretty exhausted after another long day of driving, so we are enjoying our lovely hotel room. Oedipus is also glad to be out of his crate. On the downside, I discovered upon arrival that pets are supposed to be kept in crates whenever someone is not in the room. Unfortunately, this means he will need to spend tomorrow hanging out in his crate while we go look at places to live.

I’m excited to see all of these places in person instead of relying on photos and brief conversations to decide which sound like great places to live. I’m definitely excited to unload my car, one book at a time, just like it was packed in Iowa. I’m still wrapping my head around the idea that everything I own fits in my car. It seems like so little, but when I’m driving and can barely see out the back window, it looks like so much.

I popped the trunk tonight to see if I could quickly and easily spot a specific bag that contains a different pair of shoes. I am getting sick of wearing snow boots, especially because it’s so warm here. I took one look at the packed trunk and closed it again. Until I’m unpacking for good, I will be wearing snowboots. Let’s hope I find a place to live before summer.


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