Life Without Internet

Every day I spend between eight and nine hours on the Internet. I’m checking my e-mail, posting press releases, researching everything under the sun in a sad attempt to fill the gaping holes in my knowledge base. I’m looking at my company’s profile page and looking for stories. It’s wonderful to have the Internet at my fingertips while I’m at work.

Not even a month ago, I did all that, and when I went home, I spent another three or four hours online.

With my move to Virginia, I decided to postpone setting up Internet service for my house until I got a bit more settled. Let’s face it: internet is expensive, especially so that I can play on Facebook and troll the blogosphere with no real purpose.

The interesting thing is that the longer I go without internet at home, the less I can remember what I used to spend all that time doing. Sure, I checked my personal e-mail about 40 times per day, I never missed a Facebook update, and I always knew the weather forecast.

Want to know a secret? Those aren’t things that take more than five minutes.

So here I am, sitting in Panera, drinking my coffee and people watching. It’s nice to have the option of a place to go to get online for a bit. It’s nice to get out of the house.

It’s not necessary.


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