Oh, right, I live in Virginia now

Today marked the end of my third week on the job in northern Virginia.

People keep asking me how I’m feeling about it and how I like it. It’s such a big change, and it’s hard for me to tell sometimes. Overall, I’m giving it a thumbs up. I have moments of loneliness and stress. Over the past few days my body has suddenly decided that sleeping from about midnight until 7 a.m. is a better schedule, which is just not suiting me very well.

But overall, I’m giving it a thumbs up.

Why? Oh that horrible question. Well, here it is.

  • I get to interview tons of people all the time, which I love.
  • My coworkers make me feel welcome and encourage me to ask questions, even if I feel silly.
  • I get to look out my window during the day and see a tree blossoming beautifully in the sunshine.
  • Every morning and afternoon I drive past old stone walls through the rolling hills that remind me of Coon Rapids and Dedham, Iowa (the hills, not the walls).
  • The library has an amazing selection of old musicals and movies. This weekend: Hello, Dolly! and The Lady Eve (“It’s the same dame!”)
  • My house occasionally feels like home.
  • Every single day I learn something new. Every single day. No two days are the same; no two stories are the same. That, more than anything else, is what reminds me whenever I feel down that I love being a journalist.

One thought on “Oh, right, I live in Virginia now

  1. Glad things are working out and becoming comfortable for you!! I miss blossoming trees… I took so many pics of them my first year down south. 🙂 Having interesting work always helps. ^.^ Enjoy that sunshine!

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