AHP Conference Wrap-Up

Over the past few days, I’ve discussed and considered the problems of the world of equine publications at the American Horse Publications annual seminar, this year in Williamsburg, Va. As I reviewed my notes, I noticed some trends. Some of them are surprising; some are not as surprising.

First, digital media is still giving people nightmares. Publishers, editors, designers, writers and advertisers all worry about the best way to implement or evolve a digital presence. The conversation revolved around strategies to create the best digital magazine, smartphone app or tablet app possible. Does that mean video, audio and more photos? Does it mean interactive maps and diagrams? What software best supports the goal? Is simpler better? How do we drive people to read the digital format as well as the print?

Second, social media is evolving more quickly than publications can keep up. What medium is best for a particular publication? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Others? All? How much time should we spend on this? When is enough, enough? How do we draw people from the social media to the website? How do we draw people from the website to the social media?

Finally and as always, money. How do we do more–print, website, digital, photos, video, audio, networking–with the same amount of (or less) money?

I don’t know that anyone is walking away from this seminar feeling like they have all the answers, but I think it’s valuable, even vital, to have these conversations. All segments of the media industry are grappling with these issues and many more. I find myself in a lucky position in that I work with a talented, devoted, forward-thinking team. The people around me encourage innovation and experimentation.

But how can we do it evenbetter?


  • I know I promised a photo per day starting June 1, and I plan to deliver that! I even have photos picked out for both Day 1 and Day 2. However, I seem to have left my card reader at home, leaving me unable to get my photos online. Look for them tomorrow when I get home!

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