Photo Of The Day And A Life Lesson: Saturday, June 9

Sometimes life (or a sister) gives you a gift…

I remember the day the panda looked cute and cuddly. Now he’s just mocking me.

It looks great, and you get all excited about it, so you dive right in. But instead of keeping the gift as a beautiful and elegant thing, it starts to look not-so-great…

The Mess

So you think, yes, I can clean this up! I can FIX this! But after some (a lot of) false starts and some (a lot of) frustration, you finally ask for a hint. JUST A HINT!

Firmly in the “Not Helpful” category in my life.

This is great! You can finally put this to bed. However, the hint/instructions don’t make any sense to you. You contemplate, try 100 more times. Finally, you ask for help. Real help. Youtube help. Which leads to…

Do you see it? Probably not when you look at The Mess.

…The Detail. The one thing that makes you realize there is one piece – the cornerstone, the keystone, the latchkey, whatever you want to call it – that makes it all fit together.

So… the moral of the story: sometimes, when you’ve stretched your mind in all the usual ways, stretch it in an unusual way.

Ask for help. You shall receive.

All the stripes don’t have to go in the same direction.

Use an illogical process to solve a logic problem.

A Different Perspective


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