Purple Chair; Gray Cat; Black Shelf

A few weeks ago, I told a really cool person that I was going to quit life, open a frozen yogurt shop and name it Purple Spoon (ya’ know: Sweet Frog, Orange Leaf, Red Mango… Purple Spoon).

Well, that’s not actually going to happen. But I did buy a purple chair. I think the Cat has spent more time in it than I have. As soon as I dragged the thing inside and started rearranging, he took refuge from the vacuum by jumping on it.

Purple Chair; Gray Cat

He also thought it would be very cute (it was) to explore the amazing inventions called Shelves on the recent addition from the Wal Mart bookshelf collection. Apparently he needed to find out what so so interesting about the thing that I spent so much time putting it together, arranging all the books on it, taking all the books off, and moving it five feet to the right. I hope he got his questions answered.

Gray Cat; Black Shelf


Don’t worry; after the Cat was done playing, I quickly filled his shelf with lots of interesting books and trinkets that previously did not have a good home in my house.

For those keeping count, I now own exactly four pieces of furniture. Someday, I hope to acquire a couple more. Maybe even things that don’t come from Wally World. 🙂



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