Lazy Girl Cooks: Fried Egg and Toast

When I opened my refrigerator this evening and found this…

Ah, the joys of the Night Before Payday. It’s like the Night Before Christmas, only with slightly different plans for the next day.

…I decided it was time for another installment of Lazy Girl Cooks.

So let’s take a quick inventory here: bread (thankfully not moldy), butter, Alfredo sauce, blackberry jam, eggs and (behind the eggs) something that helped me make a soup once and I’m not sure what it is… maybe chicken bullion? Add in some Ranch dressing, pancake syrup and just enough milk for my breakfast cereal on the door. Oh, and some peanut butter and just enough cereal to go with my morning milk.

What do you get?

The easiest, yummiest dinner ever: Fried Egg and Toast

  1. Fry an egg to your preference.
  2. As soon as you throw away the egg shell, push down the lever of your toaster. Make sure to put the bread in first.
  3. Butter toast. Salt and pepper egg.
  4. Eat.

So simple, so yummy.

And yet, there are a couple things you should know about frying eggs:

  • When you drop the egg on the pan, if it immediately sizzles and the egg white starts turning from clear to white, your pan is hot enough. If not, crank it up a little.
  • All the protein is in the egg white. All the cholesterol is in the egg yolk. That’s how the little baby chicken that was never actually in your egg (if you bought it from the store) would have grown all cute and fuzzy: by eating the protein. This doesn’t make a big difference to most people, but if you are concerned, separate the white from the yolk and just fry the white part. Save the yolk for eggnog cookies!!!! Seriously. But those are more of a Motivated Girl Cooks recipe for Christmas.
  • If you are frying the entire egg, it’s A-okay to let the yolk be runny (aka: making a dippy egg versus making a sandwich egg, in which the yolk is cooked through). No, really! Just make sure that at least the edges of the yolk are firm. That means you heated the egg to a temperature that will get rid of any nasty bacteria lurking around.

And finally, why this is a perfect Lazy Girl Cooks recipe: it’s easy, fast and cheap, and I almost always have all the necessary ingredients. As a semi-vegetarian, it also makes me feel good to get a dose of complete protein.

Now for the real question: wtf am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow before I get to the grocery store? I’m thinking pb&j… and maybe see if I have any frozen veggies still in the freezer.



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