My Non Religion

IMG_6858I sat down a few weeks ago and wrote a very long blog about religion. I wrote about my background, family, friends, my journey through prayer and meditation and the ongoing confusion about what religion I “belong to.”

I wrote a long list of things I believe. I wrote about death, heaven, hell, Jesus, God, yoga, nature, the sun… just about everything.

And then, three quotes found their way to me that made me write this instead:

  • “…sometimes, ok many times, others know how to say it way better than yourself. This is certainly one of them.” –One Bag Nomad [in a blog that had nothing to do with religion or spirituality]
  • “I can’t have an identity crisis because I’m me, and that’s always changing. And therefore never changes.” –Dharma & Greg

And finally…

  • “My religion is kindness.” –Dalai Lama

And I realized, as that last one resonated over and over through my mind for days, kindness is it for me. Nothing else is for me to decide or judge or speculate on.

Maybe someday I’ll post that longer contemplation, but not right now.


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