Hello, world.

I must apologize for my recent lack of enthusiasm for posting on my blog. I had such good plans, and then several things left me completely disinterested in posting anything new.

What happened, you might ask?

  • I went on vacation. It was wonderful. I barely used a computer for 10 days, which meant my brain was rather excited about NOT using a computer when I got back.
  • My sister visited me. We ate a lot of food. Again, my computer was abandoned for great conversation and touring.
  • My laptop crashed, but is now doing much better after re-installing my OS… twice. (I’m not impressed with Windows 8 so far.)
  • I got a little burnt out on life in general and desperately needed one less thing to do with my days.

Although I regret letting such a good habit lapse, I don’t regret taking a little time to just deal with each day as it came at me.

However, it’s time to get my act together. I love to write and take photos and share them on this blog, and I genuinely miss it. I refuse to promise a certain number of posts per week or month, but I do hope to start sharing a little more of my life once more.

Coming up, look for a few new Lazy Girl Cooks blogs (I recently discovered an amazing way to put together a burrito that tastes like a greasy, heavenly straight-to-a-heart-attack creation but really isn’t even close), more book reviews (who knew Auntie Mame was a novel before a play before a movie????), and probably some pretty photos of Virginia now that it’s vibrant green once more.


Megan, unedited


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