Beautiful Virginia

Technically this is in Maryland... but it still counts as part of the D.C. metro area. (National Harbor for anyone wondering.)

Technically this is in Maryland… but it still counts as part of the D.C. metro area. (National Harbor for anyone wondering.)

As I prepare to leave this lovely, wonderful place, I decided it was only fair to pay tribute to some of the details that have made this place special to me.

Stone walls. So charming, so unexpected when I first moved here. And yet, now I can’t quite imagine the landscape without them.

Horses. Take carrot; close eyes; spin in circle; throw carrot; open eyes. Carrot will now be eaten by a horse. It doesn’t matter where you are in this region; it’s simply not possible to throw a carrot (or apple) and not hit a horse.

Dogs allowed in stores. Love it. This morning I went for coffee and had the pleasure of watching a little Jack Russell run back and forth between his owners and the counter, begging to everyone he encountered. And all the dogs here are (generally) extremely well mannered because they go absolutely everywhere. Nothing is a surprise, and encountering people or dogs or horses or anything else is just a part of daily life.

Hiking. In some of my darker times over the past year, I always knew I could escape to the mountains and take a nice, long walk in the woods. Suddenly, my mind would clear from the fresh breeze and the whole world would look brighter.

D.C. No matter what time of day or night, you will always, always, always find two things in D.C.: runners and tourists taking photos.

Green. As much as I dislike how much it rains here, the trade off is a lush landscape incomparable to anywhere else I’ve lived. In retrospect, growing up in Iowa was like living in a desert.

Bears. Okay, I never actually saw a bear… but knowing they are around is pretty cool for someone who grew up in a place where the biggest wildlife threat was knowing you would almost certainly hit a deer with your car before graduating high school.

Bakeries. Red Truck. Upper Crust. Enough said.


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