A November Of Insanity

nanowrimologoAgainst my better judgment, I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo yet again. Although I’ve attempted to write a novel every November since 2006, if there was a perfect year to sit it out, this would be it.

First, my month jump starts with a weekend filled with work obligations, which will take away that precious first weekend to get ahead on my word count when I’m still fresh-eyed and really excited about the project. Then I dive into the APHA World Championship Show, an 11-day marathon with approximately 180 champions, thousands of photos and countless cups of coffee.

After that, I’ll have one week to help get our next issue of the magazine ready before I leave for a week to see my family for Thanksgiving. While there, I’ll be floating around to see everyone as well as celebrating the wonderful holiday of overeating. Finally, I’ll return with the newest member of my family in tow, a rambunctious dog named Flynn (official introductions to be made when he makes it to Texas with me).

And yet, it’s only 1,667 words every day. I’m not promising to win, just to try.

But to top it off, I’m also committed during November to continue working out, eating healthy, vegetarian foods and not getting behind on my work life. If something’s gotta give in November, it’s going to be the novel, no doubt.

Yet, it feels odd to even consider not doing it.

This will also be the first year of trying to blog about the process. I’m maybe most nervous about that part—as much as I think about writing every day, I never really write about writing. But if I’ve learned anything lately from tutoring GED students, it’s that explaining concepts is a learned art, one I’m still attempting to develop. Maybe writing about writing will help me become better at my job.

Wish me luck, and if you find a way to create more time, drop me a line.


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