Vacation Joys


Nebraska sunset on my drive from Texas

I love so many thing about being on vacation, and I feel a sense of relief when I go home for a holiday. But over the past day or two, I’ve had so many special moments that remind me how lucky I am right now:

-laughing until I cry with a wonderful sister and also one of my best friends

-waking up to a very cute, very small Yellow Bear (AKA: Poopsie, Pal and Hey, You In The Fur)

-taking a brisk morning walk in sub-freezing temperatures

-getting a big hug from my nephew and then helping him play with his toys (a serious business)

-sitting in a familiar coffee shop, drinking a familiar drink and watching the world go by for a while

-eating holiday treats

-not needing a GPS (mostly) to get where I want to go

-meeting my amazing niece and getting fussed at (she and I will be better friends in a year, I’m sure)

-car dancing


“Good morning!” says Yellow Bear



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