The Sandwich Islands



[A very delayed post about my trip to Hawaii in February 2013:]

After a lovely week and a half on the Sandwich Islands (isn’t that a fun nickname?), I’m back on the mainland with lots of photos and some minor jet lag.

To start, it’s the rainy season in Hawaii, so it rained at least a tiny bit every single day. That didn’t stop us or anyone else on Oahu from getting out and about.

My first day on the island, Kelley and I went to Pearl Harbor and then the Swap Meet, which was basically a big market full of crafty things, food, jewelry, clothes… basically anything you could imagine.

Kelley and Tyler live in the central part of the island, but down by Honolulu, I could look toward the mountains and see the foggy clouds hovering. Everything was so lush and green (when I got back to the East Coast, I felt like I was living in black and white in comparison). Every time I turned around, I saw another rainbow. For the first time in my life, I saw a rainbow that stretched a complete half-circle.

Several times we ventured to the east side of the island, first to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center and later for a stroll through a wonderful botanical garden as well as a visit to the Byodo-In Temple.

On the southern side of Oahu, we paddleboarded at Hickam AFB (I stood up several times and didn’t fall in!), ate dinner in Waikiki and explored the Iolani Palace. Because it doesn’t rain nearly as much there, we also spent on leisurely afternoon laying around on a beach by the big tourist hotels.

But most of all, I felt so lucky to get to spend so much time with Kelley, who moved to Hawaii about a year and a half ago. I haven’t seen her since then, and after being such close friends since our very first day living in the dorms in Lincoln, it’s been difficult to not get to see her whenever I want.

**Update: Kelley and Tyler are no longer living in Hawaii, and I just saw them last weekend. But I still wanted to share 🙂


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