Book Review: Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

Ah, Carl Hiaasen, I’m pretty sure I could read your books every day of the year and then hit repeat and start all over. He’s one of the few authors that I follow on Facebook and genuinely get excited about when a new book comes out.

Unfortunately, I  read Star Island last year, one of his newer releases, and felt a little let down. It was… blah. I liked the idea behind it, and the return of the favorite hate-to-love Chemo warmed my heart, but Star Island fell flat for me. I had to convince myself to pick it up instead of sinking into it and losing myself for hours.

All that was running through my mind when I picked up Bad Monkey, published in 2013. I even let it sit, unopened, on my bookshelf for more than a month before starting it  for fear that Hiaasen had lost his touch.

But I wasn’t disappointed a second time. The complete oddness of Hiassen’s characters make them all to real to ignore. Who comes up with this shit? ran through my mind over and over during the course of the book.

The plot centers around Andrew Yancy, a former detective who has been demoted to being a restaurant inspector. But when an unlikely arm (just the arm, not the whole body) comes into his possession, he starts investigating it as a murder despite the emphatic discouragement of those around him. And then there’s the monkey. And the morgue. And the hurricane. And some bees. Hilarity ensues, as does a continued fight against corruption and pollution.

Verdict: Read it. Then pick up Skinny Dip, Lucky You, Sick Puppy, Basket Case and Nature Girl. Read in any delightful order, although there are a few returning characters, so maybe read in order of publishing date.

On A Side Note: I’m doing this super fun book bingo thing this year, and so far I’ve filled it in with Biking Across America (based on a true story), Charlotte’s Web (non human characters), The Circle (more than 500 pages) and now Bad Monkey (mystery). Currently I’m reading The Magician’s Assistant, but I haven’t decided where it will go on my card.

Happy reading!


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