Hello, Will

Apparently, grown ups have wills. Even though I currently have a negative net worth, I decided to get this simple task taken care of so that, god forbid something happens to me, there’s not a single question of what goes where.

I started where you might expect: Google. I quickly ended up on US Legal Forms, and some after some additional research, I decided it was safe to buy a fill-in-the-blanks will from them for about $25. It seemed complicated when I first opened the document they sent me, but as I worked through it, I realized how simple it really was. Of course, because I’m single with no children, the whole thing was extra easy.

Print, notarize (cost less than $10, plus about $15 for coffee as thanks to my witnesses) and done!

I mailed copies to my parents and my sister along with an additional document with information not included in my will–roommates’ phone numbers, credit card information, student loan company, things like that. Although I have no doubt they could muddle through all that, and I’m sure I forgot something, it’s also good to know that they can at least get the bulk of things taken care of without hassle or questions.

Why have I put this off for so long? What I thought would be an overly complicated, annoying and expensive process was anything but that.

What’s kept you from making a will? When’s the last time you looked it over and reviewed it with the people involved? Is it part of your yearly routine, like checking your credit report?

These little grown up tasks I’ve taken on (credit reports, wills, updating insurance) feel like homework, but the good kind. These are the projects that I know will help me in the future. And once I sit down and do them, they aren’t nearly as intimidating or complicated as they seem when they were first assigned.


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