Student Loans Suck: February Update

In the back of my day planner, I started a neat little countdown for each loan so I can visualize how far I’ve some since the beginning of the year.

Finally, I have progress to report. After such a slow start to the year, it’s thrilling to see some decent progress as I get into the swing of my new job, new pay grade and new budget.

At the very end of January, after my January Update, I was actually able to make a $300 payment toward my personal loan, which got the balance down to $2,900. It was small, but it felt great to cross the $3,000 threshold.

Due to my extreme lack of motivation near the beginning of the month, I explored some second job options to increase my income. Not only would it speed up the pay-back process, but it would also allow me the flexibility to splurge on things I want. I accepted a part-time job doing office work a few evenings each week and Friday afternoons after I get done with my normal job. So far, so good. From each paycheck, I’m putting half toward my loans and spending half. It’s a great balance that’s moving me closer to my goals while still providing some short-term rewards for working hard.

One of my main goals for February was to stick to my written budget, and it went pretty well. I probably bought a few too many coffees, but overall, I didn’t do anything I majorly regret.

My other big February goal was to find fun, free things to do in the Midland area. I honestly didn’t really do this. We did go see a play for free, and we went to the dog park every weekend. However, this is something I’d like to continue working on going forward.

March Goals:

  • Finish paying off personal loan with my parents by the end of March.
  • Have some type of “adventure” each weekend–go do something new!

Student Loan Principal As Of February 28: $9,860

Personal Loan Balance As Of February 28: $1,400 (so excited!)


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