Passion Planner Review

My ex-roommates have been telling me for about two months that my Christmas present is on its way. I smiled, nodded and went on with life, forgetting all about it.

Then, last week, I got a package in the mail with possibly one of the coolest, most perfect-for-me presents of all time: a Passion Planner.

Essentially, it’s a day planner on steroids. There are weekly and monthly calendars, but there’s also space for journaling, brainstorming, drawing–whatever. Each week has a space to define the week’s focus and to make a little list of good things that happened that week. Each week also has a quote and challenge for the week–like to write someone a letter or meditate once a day. There’s space for to-do lists each week and each month, as well as a system for goal setting that can carry from the yearly to monthly and weekly calendars.

I think my favorite part is the questions at the end of each month. It’s like a guided self-reflection over the past month as well as a space to celebrate success and think about what could go better the next month.

I’m still transitioning from my old day planner to this one, but in doing so, I realized how little self-reflection I’ve been doing lately. It’s become a fun part of my day to go through my Passion Planner and think about what goals I’m working toward and what I can do TODAY to take a next step toward that.

In addition to the concept, the paper is incredibly high quality–I can use my thickest pens and not bleed through the page–and the cover is durable and nice. It’s simple black, so I feel comfortable taking this into meetings. My only problem so far is no place to store a pen, which would just be a nice bonus.

If you haven’t heard about Passion Planners, check out the website,, and consider ordering one or using the free sample for a few days to see if you like it.

P.S. This review is just to share my experience with the Passion Planner so far–I’m not receiving anything to write this.


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