Small Adventure In Big Spring

A great view of Big Spring.

A great view of Big Spring.

As I continue to adjust to living in a desert climate, I’ve found a great desire to get outside and do some hiking like I used to be able to do regularly. Where better to go than Big Spring, a town practically screaming of water and greenery? Okay, maybe not, but this weekend, with dog and Boyfriend in tow, I made my way to Big Spring State Park. The trail mostly consisted of walking along a paved road, but we also explored a nature trail, complete with a scenic view of the town of Big Spring.

Flynn enjoyed exploring and running. Although dogs are supposed to be kept on leash, there were few cars and people. I really enjoy how good he is about staying close, just a few yards ahead.

For a 40-minute drive, I didn’t really think the hike was worth the travel time, but if we had something else to do in Big Spring, it would make for a great (free!) addition to a day trip. However, it was great to get out of our normal routine and have an adventure, however small.


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