I’m Okay With This

Since college graduation in December 2011, my student loans have been hanging over my head. Last summer, I made the decision to tackle them head on. I chose to sacrifice some short-term wants for longer-term goals. Focusing so single-mindedly on this goal has been exhausting, which I’ve been feeling more and more each day as the finish line approaches.

But then this happens, and I think, I’m okay:

CaptureYep. If I decided to just stop (which there’s is no way I’m going to do), I could do absolutely nothing to my loans for almost two years.

Which brought me to the fact that, if I had stayed on the minimum payment 10-year plan, I would have finished paying my loans in June 2022.

So no matter what doubts I might have in my mind, I just need to remember that and know: I’m okay with this.


One thought on “I’m Okay With This

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