Student Loans Suck: June Update

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The sun is setting on this journey. The bad metaphors are endless…

The end is near.

No, really, the end is very, very near. If things go as planned, I will make my last student loan payment on July 25.

But let me back up.

Things that happened in June:

  • I started consistently taking riding lessons, which has been so much fun, I can’t believe I spent so long out of the saddle. I budget for one lesson per week, and that’s been enough to get me back into the hobby without being overwhelmed. That said, it’s been really, really hard not to go buy a ton of new riding gear! I broke down and bought two pairs of used breeches from a friend of a friend who posted in a tack trading group on Facebook, and I can’t wait to try them out!
  • A freelance check came through and I sold some equipment on eBay, so I had an extra boost of income.
  • However, I also forgot that my car registration would be due in June, so I had an “unexpected” expense. Once again, a reminder that there are very few things that should actually be unexpected. I’m still working on improving my budgeting skills, but it’s a never-ending process. You can’t let it slide, ever.

Plan for July:

  • During July, I will get two second-job paychecks (July 3 and 18, approximately) and my larger salary check (July 25).
  • Each second-job check should be at least $250.
  • After those two, I should be able to finish off my loans with my salary check.
  • Win!

With the end so incredibly close, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this journey, what got me started, what kept me going, and what’s coming next. I’ve been reading over my blog posts from the past year, thinking about where I was (both physically and mentally) a year ago.

What I’ve found is a form of final motivation I wasn’t expecting. When I laid out my plan, I only sort of believed I could actually make it happen. My words were confident, but inside I was quaking with fear. When I could finally articulate my reason for doing this, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. When a very fortuitous happening in August left me with far less in loans than I had thought, I soared.

Each stepping stone on this path has taught me something, but it’s also nice to go back and re-learn these lessons with fresh eyes. I will not give up after coming so far.

Student Loan Principal as of June 30: $2,404

July Goal: Become Debt Free


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