The World Is Big; Dream Accordingly

{Davis Mountains State Park; Photo by Megan Brincks}

{Davis Mountains State Park; Photo by Megan Brincks}

Dream big. What if you had no payments except maybe rent or a mortgage? No car, no student loans, no credit cards.

What would you do?

Would you travel the world? Maybe you’d backpack around Europe or take an Alaskan cruise or visit the most beautiful beaches in Central America. Maybe you’d visit all 50 states or raft down the Colorado River. Maybe you’d visit your family and friends who live in other cities.

Would you explore a new hobby? Maybe you’ve always wanted to fly a plane. Maybe you’d learn to paint or brew your own beers or take every class you can at the local community college. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Japanese or Italian or Spanish.

Would you invest in your home? Maybe you’ve been waiting to buy a house because you can’t save a down payment. Maybe you’d repaint your current home or do some landscaping or update some furniture. Maybe you’d love to commission a local artist to complete a painting for above your fireplace.

Would you splurge on yourself? Maybe to you, pedicures are the epitome of relaxation. Maybe you’ve been lusting after a new interview suit. Maybe you want to get a tattoo.

Would you give? Maybe you want to help your church fund a mission trip. Maybe you’d splurge on 20 dog beds for the local animal shelter. Maybe you want to be more generous with birthday and Christmas and wedding and baby presents.

Would you save? Maybe you would max out your IRA or your 401k. Maybe you would start a college fund for your 5-year-old. Maybe you would pay double on your mortgage to build equity.

In the end, it’s not about the numbers. For some people, playing with the numbers is fun and is it’s own form of dreaming. But the dreams are what keep us going.

Each person has unique goals and joys. So each person should dream as big as they can stand. Think about this, meditate on this. Turn your dreams into plans. And keep dreaming bigger and bigger with each breath until your chest explodes with the possibilities.


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