A few years ago, I got in the habit of planning my weekends the same way I planned workouts and meals. Near the beginning of the week, I would find something fun to do the next weekend – maybe a new thrift shop to explore, a historic site to tour or a trail to hike. Even if it was only an activity to occupy a couple hours on Saturday afternoon, I found I loved having something to look forward to.

When I fall out of the habit, the weekend slips by, and I start the next workweek feeling restless and moody – I didn’t take advantage of the time! I didn’t actually do anything!

Now that I’m single again, I’m finding that planning to be so much more important than it was when I was in a relationship. I can easily waste away a whole day with Netflix and laundry, just to find the next day a frantic rush to clean the apartment, ride the horse, get to the gym, buy groceries and not do anything out of the normal routine.

I’m sick of watching my weekends slip away unnoticed. I’m tired of feeling like I’m just treading water, not actually moving toward the goals I say I want to accomplish.

Better is not the aim right now; better is arbitrary and kind of pisses me off these days. Authentic is what I’m going for.

By my count, there are 11 more weekends of 2016. That’s 11 opportunities to explore something local, try something new, work toward something you’ve been saying you’re going to make time for.

What are you waiting for?


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