Going To Hungary

Megan Brincks

I so rarely share pictures of myself, but this one is personal, so let’s get personal! [Photo by Rachel Florman Creative]

There’s a lot to squish into one little blog post, but I’m going to do my best to keep this short, sweet and not too tedious.

Here’s the punch line: at the end of February, I’m headed to Hungary for a short-term mission trip. (Pause for reaction.) I will be working with missionary families stationed across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to navigate the transition of their teenage children into college life in the United States.

So let’s back up a little. My sister, Sarah, is a speech-language pathologist, and she served two years ago at a conference in Prague. For a week, she screened children whose families were concerned about their language development. When SHARE asked her to come back, it was a resounding yes.

Obviously, I asked if I could tag along and play tourist for the week.

Well, when some of the event organizers found out I work in higher education, they asked if I would be willing to assist families with older children for the transition into college.

Obviously, I said yes.

Obviously (maybe?), I was, and still am, incredibly nervous about this. I have never participated in a mission trip before, and “my religion is kindness” still sums up most of my theology.

However, as I sat with this decision, I felt in my gut that I have something to offer these families, and they need guidance. By amazing happenstance, I have that knowledge they need.

One thing I’ve been learning (or re-learning) lately is that signs don’t always come in big, neon signs. Sometimes, it comes as little whispers in the dark. But when the universe, God, the higher power, whatever you want to call it, offers you a big, neon sign, YOU LISTEN!

And although I will also be sharing some photos on social media before, during and after the trip, I woke up this morning with a whisper that said, “You need to write about this, Megan.”

So here I am. Rekindling the blog, seeing where all this goes, and just doing my best to stay aligned with what I’m feeling called to do in every area of my life.

But Hungary. Here are some things you might want to know if you follow along, which I really hope you do!

What: This conference will be in a little resort town named Siofok, Hungary, at the end of February. Missionary families from all over Europe, the Middle East and Asia are welcome, and it’s hosted by SHARE Education Services.

Who: My sister Sarah and I will be volunteering at the conference, and one of our aunts will also be joining us.

How to Follow: I will share a lot here and on my social media (Instagram @meganunedited is a public account; my Facebook is more for family and friends). That said, the privacy of these families, just like the privacy of my current students, is a top priority. No one’s personal stories other than my own will be shared without express approval.

How to Help: First, and foremost, please think of us and send us light and love as we work to help these families to the best of our abilities.

Second, you can follow along here and on social media to be part of the support system. I would love advice from anyone who’s gone on a mission trip of any kind, especially something like this, and any tips from anyone who’s visited Hungary.

Third, and let me be perfectly transparent about this point, this trip is happening whether or not we raise even a dollar of funding. But if you are interested in helping financially, please email me at megan_brincks@hotmail.com, and I can send you information on the church with which we are partnering so that all donations are tax deductible. If we raise more money than the trip costs, all remaining funds will stay with that church for future mission trips.

I might talk more about funding in an upcoming post, but for now, just know that I’m excited to share this journey with all of you and using it as an excuse to get back into regular creative writing.

Also… Hungary! Three months from TODAY I will be in Budapest.


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