10 Things You Should Know

  1. The things that guide my life are adventure, health (mental, spiritual and physical), balance and meaningful relationships.
  2. I am a writer on some days. On others, I attempt to be a writer.
  3. I live in West Texas, where I work in higher education and try not be be blown away by dust storms.
  4. My dog’s name is Flynnigan Eugene Ryder Gudenkauf Brincks, Hoarder of the Toys, Adventurer of the World, Friend to All. You may call him Flynn.
  5. I drink a lot of coffee and have no intention of quitting.
  6. I read a lot of books and have no intention of quitting.
  7. I have a piece of paper that says I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened.
  8. I love to travel, especially anywhere I can spend time outside.
  9. I grew up in small-town Iowa, the good part with a lot of rolling hills and trees.
  10. I am always willing to answer questions or talk about any of my blog posts.

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