The Necessity Of A Gym

I tried, I really, really tried. And it didn’t work.

Since moving from my apartment (complete with a tiny, functional gym) to my rental house, I’ve probably worked out about six times total. Maybe 10, to be generous. In four months.

There’s a lot of research about how exercise can help you focus, have more energy, sleep better, be happier, etc. Although I’ve always believed it and found it to be true, I also tend to forget when I go through a no-exercise period. And once again, I’m finding how glorious it is to be on a normal, consistent work out schedule, one greatly impacted by the fact that I’m paying for a membership.

When I first got all intense about paying off my loans, I took the idea of a gym membership off the table. It wasn’t added to the budget, and I resolved to find ways to work out at home via yoga videos, running and walking, and other exercise videos online for free.

It didn’t work out. I found myself noticing how out of shape I was getting, low energy levels and a hair-trigger temper about everything and anything. Because I wasn’t working out, I also didn’t worry too much about what I ate. I was going to feel like crap at the end of the day anyway, so who cares if I had two donuts and a Dr. Pepper?

Something needed to change. With a landmark coming up with my student loans (getting my loan principal under $10,000), I knew I wanted to reward myself somehow, and an economical gym membership was the perfect fit. Not only that, but I took advantage of a super low-cost joining promotion and a discounted monthly rate for an 18-month membership. Between the different savings, it more than made up for the extra six month commitment.

In addition to the monetary argument, I also am already noticing elevated mood, more energy during the day, better focus at work and harder sleep at night. Additionally, after two light workouts, I was so sore that I realized how out of shape I’d become. Time to get back with it and suck this gym membership for all it’s worth. No excuses–there are 1440 minutes in a day; I can find 60 of them to dedicate toward my health.