Rain Day Fun

Some days, I wake up and it’s raining. Most of the time, it makes me wish I could curl up with a novel and cup of tea. Today, I’m just determined to get things wrapped up at work before heading to Utah for a hiking vacation this weekend. Rain, rain, stay right here.






After a week and a half straight of wearing my trusty Justin’s, I’m thrilled to announce the end of the Youth World Show and the return wearing things other than jeans. Ride on, Paint Horse fans.

Sunset Walk


I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, but with precious time comes choices about what must go. That said, while I was taking the dog for a walk last night and exploring my new neighborhood (oh, right, I moved a few miles down the road), I saw these very pretty trees everywhere and couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture. Enjoy:)

Fort Worth Nature Center

Since moving to Fort Worth, I haven’t had a chance to do any real hiking, and I’ve missed it. So last weekend I got my butt out to the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge for some pretty great trails and views. Here a few photos from the day:



A Weekend In Photographs