I picked a new theme.

I loved the blue, but something about the way the title was in all caps made me feel like my blog was yelling at me. Therefore, I decided it was time for a change to something calm and relaxed.

My life is about to get more crazy with some traveling for work, so my blog should be the last place that feels high energy.



My Five Favorite Things About Today :)

I am stressed. I have a zillion things to do in the next few days and absolutely no time to do them. I even have one of those really annoying little twitches under my left eye.

However, I am trying to be positive and upbeat, so here are My Five Favorite Things About Today (in no particular order):

1) Playtex Sport. Enough said.

2) Hot chocolate. Even when everything else sucks, there is *usually* hot chocolate mix in this house. Even when we are out of milk and bread and there are like two eggs left and everyone has the flu so no one wants to cook, there is still hot chocolate. Hello, supper.

3) Cell phones. How else was I suppose to find out about a meeting on Thursday (which I will not be able to attend unless it gets moved to Friday), and a scholarship opportunity (due, ironically, on Friday)? Also, might I point out it’s snowing pretty hard. It makes me feel safe to know I have it handy in case I go in the ditch (which I didn’t).

4) Snow. Okay, so 90% of the time I hate winter. I mean, I REALLY hate it. But then it starts snowing all soft and the lawn gets this nice blanket of white stuff, and I forget that I will have to scoop it all away and that soon it will be ugly from people walking through it (mostly me) and cars churning up the dirt. For a few minutes I can just enjoy the beauty of it all.

Hmmm… ok, one more… this is getting hard…

5) Mittens. It was like zero degrees out this morning with a lively breeze. I like my mittens. Plus, every time I wear them I think of my sister, who made them for me. And every time I think of my sister, I think about how much fun I have when she is around. And that is enough to put anyone in a better mood.

So there! I can name 5 things that I loved about my day! Can you?