A New Era

For the past 4+ years, this blog has served as an intermittent platform for me to ramble about whatever is going on in my life.

Although I’ve enjoyed sharing those random brain regurgitations with my whole 5 regular visitors, lately I’ve been craving something a little new and different.

And so I’ve decided to change the direction of this blog. From now on, I don’t proclaim that anything in this blog is specifically true or false, fact or fiction. Instead, I want to create a space where I can practice my craft of short stories. Some of them will be heavily based in real life. Some of them might just be completely and entirely made up.

A few days ago, I re-read a couple of my favorite short stories from The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven. (If you haven’t read it, let me know and you can borrow–NOT KEEP–my copy. Reading those stories completely changed my perspective of, well, a¬†lot of things.) I remembered all over again why I had such a strong reaction to those stories the first time around. They are so deeply honest even though many of them aren’t true.

With that in mind, I started thinking about this blog. It’s called Megan Unedited, yet, I often stop myself from writing about certain things because I’m afraid of how they will come across. No, I don’t intend to type everything that comes into my mind because I would quickly be shunned to the nearest MHI. I still plan to post pretty photos (when I get around to taking them), and maybe continuing my Lazy Girl Cooks series (because it’s fun and I recently ran across a couple great ideas for it), but other than that, I hope to start a space where the realness of what I write trumps the truth.

Happy reading,

megan, unedited


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